Gaviones Mexico, is a Mexican Company dedicated to gabion and hexagonal wire mesh fabrication. Our goal is to provide solutions to your projects on containment wall, river control and soil erosion with the least waiting time and excellent service.

Our Products:

Wire: Class III, galvanized wire in rolls.

Cushion: Long cushion is a stone container considered structurally like an armor with which conditions of balanced resistance are obtained, provided with uniformly distributed internal cells, with smaller heights and openings of mesh to the ones used in the gabion. Water current canalization. Common uses Water current canalization.

Gabion: The Gabion is a box in regular prismatic form, made with metallic mesh of triple torsion of galvanized wire class III. The Mesh has the necessary firmness that facilitates the installation of the fascine. Common uses: retaining walls, soil conservation, river control, channeling walls, dam and drain protection.

Geotextile: Is a material elaborated with synthetic fibers of polypropylene or polyester, which is interlaced using mechanic needling processes, adding when it is necessary processes of reinforcing and thermo positioning, creating a product of bi-dimensional structure, permeable, uniform and with excellent resistance to tension, torn and chemical deterioration. Common uses: filtration prevention, separation, drainage and ground protection.

Mesh: Triple torsion galvanized wire mesh that has a high mechanical resistance and a great resistance to corrosion. Common uses: Road cut stabilization.

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